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NHN: Change the World

Participating Artists:
HAIOKA Shintaro
NAKANO Yasuhiro

13 May - 30 June 2014

Mulan Gallery presents "NHN: Change the World" , an exhibition that highlights the nuances of interdisciplinary mediums. This showcase is the final leg of "NHN: Change the World " after a successful debut at Japan Creative Centre, Singapore. Featuring a mixture of visual art, sound art and traditional art by 3 generation Japanese artists – NAGATA Bunsho, HAIOKA Shintaro and NAKANO Yasuhiro.

Artist Profile(s):

NAGATA Bunsho, Calligrapher

Born in Shizuoka, Nagata received training from two well-known Japanese Master Calligraphers, TEJIMA Yukei and YAMAZAKI Taihou. He is a recipient of some of the prestigious awards such as Mainichi Shodo-ten Member’s Award and the Nitten Award. His works are collected by Chicago Art Museum and The Bulgarian National Gallery. Blending traditional ink techniques, the composition in NAGATA’s calligraphy gives the viewer a harmonious state of mind with its rhythmic stroke and spiritual depth.

HAIOKA Shintaro, Musician

HAIOKA has been an active member of the Japanese electronic bands ‘Bremen’ and ‘The Kah’ since 2006, and together they have performed for several music festivals in Japan. They have performedat the Summer Sonic Music, Hacienda Osiso festival, Nagisa and other festivals in Japan. In 2013, HAIOKA successfully made his debut with Emerald & Doreen, a record label in Berlin, Germany. The soundtrack, Blowin' in the Wind of Love EP was ranked No.1 on the electronic top- hits chart of ‘What people play’. HAIOKA released an album Harumi EP in November 2013, which has been extensively introduced on numerous music websites in Europe and othercountries across the globe. Since 2013, HAIOKA has been composing music that blends traditional Japanese music played on traditional Japanese instruments with modern music.

NAKANO Yasuhiro, Modern Sumi Artist and Film Director

NAKANO has been creating numerous creative TV commercials, music videos and movie trailers in Japan. When he made the trailer for the digitally re-mastered Japanese version of “The Godfather,”he received praise from Francis Ford Coppola. With the professional skills achieved as a film director, editor, and a CG creator, NAKANO creates a new form of Contemporary Sumi Art. It is an artistic mix of moving graphics and traditional Japanese Sumi art.


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