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Apposite Ground:
A Remix of Media Art and Interactivity

Artist: Adeline Tan, André Wee and Chen Shitong

8 - 30 November 2020

Mulan Gallery presents Apposite Ground: A Remix of Media Art and Interactivity, a virtual exhibition featuring an eclectic mix of Singaporean artists.

In this exhibition, the artists put the spotlight by fusing fine art and new media, showcasing their distinctive expression of local culture. The works pay homage to people from different walks of life in our society, the singular chorus of our nation, the diverse city and garden landscapes of Singapore and how each individual offers a unique tenor to the country’s well-being and a distinctive imprint on its social geographical terrain.

Adeline Tan (using the moniker Mightyellow), an illustrator and a visual artist, takes inspiration from her surroundings and popular culture. Her works are often a juxtaposition of elements pulled from her personal experiences and past memories. Born and raised in a garden city with an ever-changing facade, Adeline’s works revolve around her observations of what is left of our natural surroundings, our obsessions with material possessions and its connection with our perceived hierarchy and society we live in. Using botanical creatures as a metaphor, it is also a study of memories, relationships and roles within a family structure through the generations. Her series of work depicts the post-apocalyptic future where plants ‘merged’ with animals and mutated into beasts. These beasts came about from man’s destruction to his environment and pose a challenge to humanity.

André Wee's exploration of the liminality of identity in an increasingly globalised and digitised world. Fusing human, image, text and architecture, these articulations offer examinations of how meaning, identity and memories are formed and reveal the transformative potential of stepping into the realm of the in-between. Working at the cusp of art and technology, Wee explores state-of-the-art, interactive storytelling techniques with 3D printed sculptures created via digital sculpting and 2D interactive prints embedded with augmented reality digital content. 3D printed figures interact with environments that evoke Freud’s Theory.

Chen Shitong is a printmaker and painter whose works regularly translate between the two media. Drawing inspiration from the contemplation of man-made and natural objects, as well as a fascination with surface textures and human figures, Chen’s works offer meditations on contemporary living and existence.



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