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Ceramic Expressions (2nd Edition) 2018

Participating Artist:
Agnes Lim, Aida Binte Khalid, Eddie Yee, Hazel Ng, Hiroko Mita, Suriani Suratman and Tan Gek Lin
Guest artist, Master potter Dr Iskandar Jalil

18 - 28 August 2018 (Japan Creative Centre)
31 August - 22 September 2018 (Mulan Gallery)

In partnership with Japan Creative Centre (JCC) Embassy of Japan, Mulan Gallery proudly presents the second annual edition of Ceramic Expressions,a group exhibition series showcasing new developments in Singapore modern ceramic art. This year’s edition will feature new works by Singapore-based artists Agnes Lim, Aida Binte Khalid, Eddie Yee, Hazel Ng, Hiroko Mita, Suriani Suratman and Tan Gek Lin, accompanied by guest artist and master potter Dr Iskandar Jalil he exhibition will run from 18 August to 22 September 2018.

Founded to showcase the creativity and versatility of Singapore-based ceramicists, Ceramic Expressions seeks to foster new explorations in ceramic art, firmly placing the development of the artists in their creative journeys front and centre. These featured works include studies in new folds, styles and techniques, each fusing fire and clay, concept and creativity into a potent amalgamation and unique embodiment of a living art.

In this edition, Aida Binte Khalid reinterprets functional domestic wares into multiple permutations of visual puns and objects of desire, as Eddie Yee pays tribute to the values and universal aesthetics of folk art objects. Inspired by memories of her family garden, Suriani Suratman’s works invite us to reflect on and connect with nature, as Hiroko Mita presents her own ruminations on family, feelings and nature. Tan Gek Lin’s vessels are a veritable congregation of amiable anthropomorphic forms; Hazel Ng shows that her characteristic whimsy is in fine form amid tangles, twists and pods, whilst Agnes Lim’s porcelain works exemplify quiet studies of difference amid repetition. Situated amongst all these is the steady stewardship of Dr Iskandar’s hand, with his signature richly textured vessels.

Functionality, simplicity, nature, family, memory, tradition, values and aesthetics are some of the central themes foregrounded in these works, with explorations and expressions of the pot not only as receptacles and repositories of history, but living vessels possessing an infinite capacity for storing and sparking individual memories and feelings, and bottomless potential for inspiring endless conversations and meditations.


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