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Chinese Contemporary Art

Participating Artists:
Ai Xuan, Jiang Huan, Lin Hairong,Liang Chang Sheng Li Guijun, Liu Yan, Shi Wei, Lu Peng, Zhang Hua, Wang Yidong

8 January – 28 February 2013

From 8 January till 28 February 2013, Mulan Gallery will present a group exhibition titled Chinese Contemporary Art. These artists articulate to different subjects albeit they share aesthetic qualities that meld them visually. Each artist's work commands a visual quietude that is enthralling and inviting. The show will convene a varied selection of paintings, prints and sculptures by 10 distinguished Chinese artists.

Going forward as one of the most recognized painters of the post-Cultural Revolution period, Ai Xuan's naturalistic portraitures of solitary children in vistas of Tibetan landscape continues to be regularly profiled in international auctions and exhibitions. What belies on Li Guijun's cynical realism oeuvres of ravishing women, holds hints of obscurity of women's new role in modern China.

Championing his works for the beauty of Chinese folk art, Wang Yidong's subjects of comely country girls, sunshine and folk red command extensive shades of natural romanticism. Invading his canvases with imagery from primitive tradition and popular culture, Lu Peng's indiscriminate juxtaposition of mystical Chinese folk lore against contemporary icons reflects his pensiveness for the metamorphosis of Chinese society.

Exemplifying a profound sense of stillness, Lin Hairong's two-dimensional compositions are devoid of superficiality. Liu Yan's palpable paintings exude the full emotions of loves and sorrows, memories and yearning for the simplicity of early times. Liang Chang Sheng's medley of works identify themselves with folk motifs and dense imagery.

Depicting women in a tantalizing manner, Shi Wei's oil painting explores the burgeoning trend of liberation in female Asian sexuality. Characterized with extenuated limbs and necks, Zhang Hua's gaiety sculptures captures an exuberant zest for the future. As a realist painter, Jiang Huan's desire to achieve realistic paintings are manifested through the intimacy and desolation of the subjects.


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