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By 6 Local Artistrs:
Agnes Lim, Hazel Ng, Hii Siew Eng, Koek Chwee Kim, Soh Ee Shaun and Tan Gek Lin

5 July 2015 - 31 August 2015 (Reception: 4 July 2015)

Agnes Lim
Her first encounter with pottery was during her studies at Temasek Polytechnic. Her first experience working with clay was during a Basic Design class taught by Iskandar Jalil. From there a new path opened up for her to learn pottery under the master potter. Currently, Agnes works predominantly with porcelain. She has a love-hate relationship with it, a fussy clay body that is susceptible to collapsing and warping during the process of creation. As every clay body speaks a different language, Agnes has learned to respect and converse with porcelain to create finished works that speak for themselves.

Hazel Ng
Hazel was introduced to pottery by a colleague in 1991. As a little child, she loved playing with mud in the kampung. It was her wish to learn this art. She began learning from renowned potter and Cultural Medallion Winner (1988), Iskandar Jalil in 1994 and has continued till today to do pottery despite her busy work schedule. In 2007, Hazel started to do her artwork at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios. Her inspirations come from nature and her experiences from her travels to different countries. She binds them together with her claywork to create different forms and textures.

Hii Siew Eng
Siew Eng's canvases are filled with arresting portraits of pre-pubescent children. Their ambiguous looks are taken from candid photographs and painted with a garnish light. Her paintings speak about our culture of passive seeing, the compulsions inscribed by gender and the more insidious perversions that exists.

Koek Chwee Kim
Chwee Kim has always been fascinated by many aspects of the sea especially the unique beauty of seashells. The curves and shapes of seashells have been a constant source of her inspiration. The undulating lines of the seashells have inspired her to create both three- and two- dimensional art form that is elegant and alluring, portraying different qualities at different angles.

Soh Ee Shaun
Ee Shaun’s drawings and paintings explore non-linear, spontaneous and open-ended narratives that express the subconscious mind - as a reaction to the regularity and austerity of Singapore society. Often unplanned, his abstract, non-conceptual paintings are an experiential and experimental process; fraught with uncertainty and opportunity, and riddled with control and joyful abandonment, as he juxtaposes shapes, lines and planes into a complex, grid-like web of harmonious colours and playful forms.

Tan Gek Lin
Gek Lin consciously & sub-consciously inspired by the designs of this world. She hopes her works create moments for people to sense, feel, think and reflect.


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