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Past Exhibitions


Placidity of Nature

Participating Artists:
Goh Kheng Yew, Singapore
Iskandar Jalil, Singapore
Katrin Forster, Germany
Koek Chwee Kim, Singapore
Suriani Suratman, Singapore

12 March – 26 April 2013

From 12 March through 26 April 2013, Mulan Gallery will present a group exhibition comprising of 3 prolific artists and two guest artists, Iskandar Jalil and Suriani Suratman. The outstanding panoply of paintings and ceramic work evinced in this exhibition will converge on a unifying curatorial thread: The Placidity of Nature.

The incisive, virtuoso, expressive brush strokes expressed in Goh Kheng Yew's latest series of oeuvres culminate a lavish fruition of conjoining femininity and masculinity, while teeming on a palpable rhythm of fauna and flora around the world through German artist, Katrin Forster. An audience with Suriani Suratman's earthly ceramics will lead you to a journey that replete with a dazzling array of whimsicality and spontaneity.

Simultaneously, Koek Chwee Kim's perennial allure is materially demonstrated in her pelagic-inspired porcelain work, as opposed to the curvaceous benign beauty observed in Iskandar Jalil's Japanese influenced ceramic mastery work.


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